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 Is your pension frustrating you and your ambitions?

Pensions are not normally the most exciting of subjects!

If you are a business owner you might consider your business to be your pension and ordinary pension investment choices may leave you uninspired.

What if there was a way of combining your business and pension goals in one wealth creation solution and with tax advantages as well?

As a business owner you can establish a pension scheme tailored to your own interests, that can collaborate with your business. This is called a Small Self Administered Scheme or 'SSAS' for short and it offers you a world of bona-fide possibilities. The choice of investments is decided by you within the scope allowed by HMRC without being limited by a 'Provider'. In addition you choose whether to apppoint Advisers and if so which ones.

There are of course strict rules set by HMRC, but if you follow the rules you might one day say that pensions are .... interesting

If you are a Business Owner what can you do with your own Company's Pension Scheme?

Buy and develop Commercial Property

Buy Commercial property to develop or lease to third parties (or your own business), at the appropriate market rate

Lending to 'Un-connected' 3rd parties

Make loans to known and trusted parties on commercial terms. Lend to profit or lend to learn/profit.

Making a loan to the 'Sponsoring' Company

An authorised loan to the Sponsoring Employer to develop and make even more profit, or to start a whole new business line.

'Peer-to-Peer' Lending

Take advantage of asset backed

lending to earn good and

dependable interest via FCA regulated Platforms

'Crowd funding' Equity Investment

Use one of the many FCA regulated Platforms to invest as a business


Buying Stock direct

Interested in listed or unlisted shares?

Take advantage of direct investment on all recognised Exchanges, or in the next 'big thing' about to become listed.

Collective Investment Platforms

Build and trade portfolios of diversified collective investments, that conform to your attitude to investment risk

All the other investment choices

If they are still available and compliant, you can invest in any option you had with any  past pension. Nothing is taken away

All the other PENSION choices

Your Scheme will have all the pension options that any new pension scheme. All this administered on a fixed fee basis

Empowered Pension - Progressive pensions thinking

Empowered Pensions are a specialist independent Scheme Administrator of Occupational Pension Schemes, including SSAS.

We operate an unfettered investment mandate allowing Member Trustees in conjunction with their advisers to select the most relevant investment options and style.

Our Independent Trustee Service is available for Clients to discuss their selected investments and will consider each investment for risk of Fraud and potential tax liabilities.

Our service is charged on a flat fee basis. For further peace of mind neither Empowered Pensions, nor our Independent Trustee Service will receive any payments from any party other than the contractual scheme fees.

Client success stories

We are very grateful to a number of our clients who have very kindly offered to feature in this section. These are not made up case studies, these are real clients obtaining real value from their pension scheme, administered by Empowered Pensions.

Chris & Tracy H, N. Yorks.
Chris and Tracy H, N.Yorks.
Grant M, Manchester
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Clive & Darren, Kent.
Clive Ho and Darren Ha, Kent.
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Karen S, Hants
Read more

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